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The project in Shrawley is looking at the long term history of an extant small leaved lime (Tilia cordata) woodland on the banks of the River Severn, in Worcestershire, UK. It is co-ordinated by the Shrwaley sub-group of the Lime Working Group, in particular by Hugh Milner and Harry Green, with many others making significant contributions. 


Through the archival, oral history, archaeology, environmental, and ecological records we have been exploring the story of the use and development of Shrawley limewoods.


The edited volume from the project will be published in the coming months. 

Insights from the pollen have been published in:

Richer, S, and Gearey, B, (2017) From Rackham to REVEALS: Reflections on Palaeoecological Approaches to Woodland and Trees, Environmental Archaeology. this article is fully open access.

Richer, S (2017)  ‘The site that slipped through the ‘lime decline’ net: A Holocene history of Tilia at Shrawley Wood, Worcestershire, UK’, Quaternary Newsletter, 140.

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